Weiss Technik UK

Whether you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a pharmacy or a specialist laboratory, Weiss Technik UK provides you with a complete consultancy, design, manufacturing and installation service. Our expert knowledge is avaluable as set when navigating the numerous legal regulations and guidelines. We also help you meet the most stringent quality requirements for Clean Room installations.


We can provide a bespoke package from complete clean rooms and components through to special solutions that include the integration of clean room cabinets, workbenches and insulators.

We monitor the entire project from the planning phase through to daily practice. It’s a complete turn-key solution!


Our clean room solutions comply with these standards and guidelines:



  • EU GMP Guidelines
  • DIN EN ISO 14644: clean rooms and associated clean room areas
  • VDI 2083: clean room technology



  • DIN 1946: room air technology
  • DIN EN 13779: ventilation of non-residential buildings
  • DIN 12980: safety cabinets for cytostatic drugs
  • VDI 6022: room air quality

Our services: We’re there when you need us

Weiss Technik UK is part of a highly respected global organisation that can support your operations with comprehensive after-sales services. It means your clean room operations continue to operate reliably and with unprecedented precision. The depth of our services even reaches to providing numerous qualification and training courses to simplify daily working procedures. Here’s a brief list of what’s available:


  • Clean room and laboratory specialist planning
  • Support of the approval process
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Clean room acceptance testing
  • Extensive after sales support
  • Performance monitoring
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Weak point analysis of existing units
  • Inspections, measurements and calibrations


If you would like to know more about how we can assist you with developing an optimum clean room installation, please get in touch and we will direct you to our specialist team.

Please call 01509 631595 or contact Managing Director, Malcolm Youll, directly on 07989 436388.