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Environmental Test Chamber Services

At Weiss Technik UK we understand that our equipment performs critical functions in the Environmental Testing and Validation processes in your business. That’s why we have developed a range of service solutions to maintain, repair, calibrate or upgrade your environmental test chambers according to your needs.

Service & Maintenance

When you purchase a Weiss Technik® system, you are acquiring a high-quality, robust product that offers the highest possible level of reliability. To ensure the system remains that way for years and decades to come, regular maintenance and care are essential. In this way, you can prevent downtimes, ensure safe and cost-effective operation and also extend the service life of your testing equipment.

Whether tailor-made or all-inclusive – we offer expertise for all needs:

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance according to your demands
  • Refrigeration leak check in accordance with F-Gas legislation
  • Safety check
  • Mechanical check
  • Electrical check
  • Software check
  • Technical Support
  • Customer user training 


Maintenance and service contracts – make service costs predictable
Environment simulation systems are extremely complex, they need to be maintained according to different requirements. For this reason, we offer graduated services: customers can choose between Standard, Premium or Tailored maintenance plans.

Maintenance, calibration, as well as electrical safety and environment protection tests can be booked separately.

Reliable OEM Service for all of your requirements

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Weiss Technik UK provides service and support for a wide range of test equipment models from such brands as:

  • Weiss Technik®
  • Vötsch Technik®
  • Fitotron®
  • Envirotronics®
  • Design Environmental Ltd. (DEL)
  • Weiss Gallenkamp

Environmental Chamber Repair

Emergency Repair Services:
Devices and systems from Weiss Technik® fulfil the highest quality requirements. However, if a problem should arise, we will be on site quickly – thanks to our strong service organization and a service network with a wide geographical reach. We offer you dedicated service support that can respond very quickly to your needs. Contractual agreements are also available where we offer shorter reaction times and cover during weekends and public holidays both onsite and via remote technical support.

Spare Parts for Test Chamber

The specialist equipment carried by our service technicians ensures that repairs will quickly be carried out on site. Alongside a comprehensive set of tools, our technicians also have a selection of basic spare and wearing parts in their service vehicles. Thanks to comprehensive stock management, we can ensure the availability of all standard spare parts and wearing parts. Tailored critical spare parts packages are also available.


Environmental Chamber Calibration (Centre Point / Spatial)

The accuracy and validity of test results need to be ensured in accordance with various quality management systems when carrying out environmental simulations. For this reason, measurement and testing equipment needs to be regularly calibrated. For customers who are dependent on the international acceptance of measurement results we offer calibration and issue DAkkS certification upon completion.

We are working towards UKAS 17025 to provide our customers with a UK recognised standard for ISO 17025 (today we use the ISO 17025 but under the German DAkkS system). Many of our customers have asked for this and we have listened. We are working towards UKAS 17025 in 2021.

Chamber Certification & Qualification

We offer all relevant services for your Validation, Qualification and Requalification that are necessary for conformity of your systems during operation; our services are tailored specifically to your system. These include:

  • DQ design qualification
  • IQ installation qualification
  • OQ operational qualification
  • PQ performance qualification
  • Or specification/verification approaches in accordance with GAMP5

Environmental Chamber Retrofits

Retrofit is our individual service program which is available for all systems when needed.

Particular attention is paid to preventive measures to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and costs remain predictable.

The RetroFit portfolio at a glance:

  • Design of assemblies for which spare parts are no longer available
  • Retrofitting of automation technology e.g. with programmable control systems
  • Retrofitting with environmentally friendly refrigerants in compliance with statutory requirements
  • General extension of the service life
  • Work on devices also from other manufacturers
  • and much more..

Environmental Chamber Upgrades

Multiple options for retrofitting or upgrading your standard system:

  • Retrofitting of a door with window and lighting and/or windows with handhole openings
  • Mobile version
  • Installation of telescopic rails with drawers instead of standard shelf inserts
  • Adjustable circulating air volume
  • Conversion from air to water cooling

Your test requirements have changed or increased?
No problem. We also have the solution for special requirements:

  • Conversion of climate test cabinet into a test cabinet for testing with corrosive gases (e.g. NOx, H2S)
  • Modification options for conversion to a Li-ion test cabinet
  • Possible modifications for ATEX applications include, for example, N2 purging with additional O2 monitoring, control of the heating surface temperature, etc.

Environmental Chambers for Sale / to rent

As a global operating company, Weiss Technik UK has an extensive pool of rental equipment.

Equipment overview:

  • Temperature and climate test chambers
  • Laboratory test chambers
  • Climate chambers for stability testing
  • Salt spray test chambers
  • Temperature shock test chambers

For full details contact us on 01509 631595 or email

We’ve got the UK covered

No matter where your business or operations are located, a Weiss Technik UK factory-trained engineer is close by to respond when you need us most. We understand your business needs and will respond to maintain your uptime of your equipment to limit any impact on your environmental testing and plant growth research. Weekend service coverage is available for contract customers and whatever your needs we can provide a service commitment to our valued customers, we provide the confidence to make your decision easy, over service support.
For all general Service enquiries please contact the Service department: 01509 631590

We measure ourselves by our service!

The high level of training and qualifications of our staff is the foundation for our excellent service. They are specialists in the areas of electrical/electronic engineering, cooling and ventilation technology, control technology, mechanical engineering as well as software and are trained and qualified in accordance with current guidelines for occupational health and safety, electrical safety and environmental protection. Our Service Team participate in regular training and, as a result, an expert with the relevant knowledge and qualifications is always available.