Vindur® Top Air-Cooling and Vidur® Pure Air Purification

Air-conditioning for protection against airborne bacteria and viruses in the pharmaceutical industry

Vindur® Top 

Hygienic air-cooling and air-purification systems for optimal air hygiene

Introducing Vindur® Top and Vindur® Pure, two exceptional air-conditioning systems that remove 99.97% of air-borne viruses and bacteria reliably from the air. This means an unprecedented level of protection from viruses and bacteria for people in the pharmaceutical industry and other work environments, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, restaurants and shops.

Vindur® Top Hygienic Air-Cooling System works with a unique four-stage safety concept, which combines a cooling system with HEPA filtration and UVC light was specially developed for use in hospitals, on wards and in examination rooms, as well as for public and industrial buildings. It can be used as a supplementary or retro-fit solution if the existing primary building climate equipment is no longer sufficient and additional cooling is required. Alternatively, you can specify a complete air purification system at the design and build stage of a new development.  

Vindur® Pure is a mobile “plug-and-play” air purification system that contains two filters and a UVC light, and was specifically developed for use in rooms occupied by a large number of people, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, restaurants and shops. Simple to install as a floor standing or wall-mounted unit, it provides effective virus and bacteria control for rooms up to 70m2 capacity.

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Interview with the expert

Rupert Mack, Head of Strategic Business Area MediClean®

What does corona have to do with air-conditioning equipment?
Covid-19 is a virus infection which is mainly spread by droplet or airborne infection. There is a risk of viruses being carried on particles through the air, thus spreading the illness. For this reason, optimum thermo-dynamic air treatment (cooling) is particularly important wherever large groups or sick people gather and the risk of spreading is correspondingly high. At the top of the list are hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, of course, but all public buildings, sales and event rooms as well as office and industrial buildings are affected.

Can air-conditioning technology protect people from infection?
Yes it can, by filtering viruses, germs and bacteria out of the air and killing them. This restricts or prevents them spreading. To achieve this, the Vindur® Top hygienic air-cooler works with a four-stage safety concept. This includes a H14 HEPA filter which filters particles out of the air, as well as UV lamps which kill viruses, germs and bacteria in the HEPA filter. Inner plates coated with silver ions contribute to confining micro-organisms. After Vindur® Top has been switched off, a newly developed, so-called “thermal disinfection” ensures that the risk factor condensate is reliably eliminated as a potential breeding ground for viruses, germs and bacteria.

How does thermal disinfection work?
As a result of cooling, condensate can form in circulating air units, from which a biofilm and thus an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and mould develops. Thermal disinfection heats all the relevant components of the cooling system in sequence over 10 minutes to approx. 70 °C, thus drying out the biofilm and reliably killing micro-organisms and viruses thermally. The result is a hygienic room climate and thus excellent protection against infections.

Our contribution to hygienic cooling

Vindur® Top ensures a hygienic room climate

The innovative circulating air-cooling system was developed especially for use in hospitals, on wards and in examination rooms as well as for public and industrial buildings. It is used as a supplementary or retrofit solution if the existing primary building climate equipment is no longer sufficient and additional cooling is required. Thanks to the four-stage hygiene concept it meets the strict hygiene requirements for cooling in rooms occupied by persons.


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Vindur® Top hygienic air cooling devices in the video

The video clearly shows how Vindur® Top hygienic air-cooling units with thermal disinfection work and how they offer effective protection against viruses, bacteria and mould in the air without chemical disinfectants.


Four-stage safety concept protects

The highly effective H14 HEPA filters reliably filter 99.9997% of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses from the air. UV lamps safely kill viruses, germs and bacteria that have been accumulated by the filter for suspended particles. The inner plates of the cooler are coated with silver ions, which prevents viruses, bacteria, germs and mould from spreading. After the unit is switched off, heat exchangers and condensate tray are heated automatically to approx. 70 °C for 10 minutes. This dries out the biofilm which can form due to cooling, and reliably kills micro-organisms and viruses with heat.

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