Standard and bespoke solutions for your industry

Weiss Technik is a leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers in the UK. We provide a wide range of environmental chambers, climatic test chambers and temperature test chambers to simulate all the important environmental test requirements in advance. Our environmental simulation chambers can replicate air flows, altitude, temperature fluctuations, vibrations and pressure, as well as weathering and corrosion behaviour. We provide specialist and bespoke solutions for the aerospace, automotive, biology, electronics, engineering and pharmaceutical industries. From standard product series right through to customer-specific, process-integrated systems, Weiss Technik provide high-quality testing solutions.

Product brochure for environmental testing

Wide range of test chambers, configured for your industry

Climatic Test Chambers – ClimeEvent

Seasonal differences, different climatic zones – your products must be able to withstand a variety of temperatures during manufacturing, transport, storage and use. The ClimeEvent range of Climate Test Chambers from weisstechnik® will help you to test the influence of temperature and humidity on the properties, function and lifespan of your products. Reproducible, certified and under accelerated conditions.

Temperature Test Chambers - TempEvent

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – seasonal differences and different climatic zones – your products must be able to withstand a variety of temperatures during manufacturing, transport, storage and use. The TempEvent range of Temperature Test Chambers help you to test the influence of temperature on the properties, function and lifespan of your products. Reproducible, certified and under accelerated conditions.

Laboratory, Temperature and Climatic Chambers – LabEvent

Indispensable in research and laboratories. These laboratory test chambers and benchtop models are designed to allow reproducible temperature and climatic tests directly at the workplace. A high temperature range from -70°C to +180°C as well as high-quality processing and construction are crucial for reliable measurement results.

Thinking of buying new testing chambers?

Our market-leading test chambers not only provide exceptional levels of performance, but now come with 3 years warranty and servicing*. This means you’ll benefit from total peace of mind knowing that, should a problem occur, it will be remedied quickly and efficiently. What’s more, we have stock readily on hand for fast delivery.

*Optional. Offer applies to TempEvent and ClimeEvent products in the UK only.

Need to rent a test chamber?

With this unique offer you can hire a weisstechnik environmental test chamber safe in the knowledge that this test chamber comes with full service, parts and maintenance included.

  • The highest specification test chamber
  • Rent for a specific period at a defined cost – low risk
  • Worry -free operation thanks to full service back up
  • Complete peace of mind from the market-leader
  • No chamber over 3 years old

Need to upgrade your old temperature or climatic test chamber?

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to a new Weiss Technik environmental test chamber. In fact, we’ve made the process to change so simple and as you’ll see, we’ve also removed just about every obstacle you might think of. Check out our unbeatable offers now – call the Weiss Technik UK sales team on 01509 631595 for full details.

Used test chambers for sale

If you need to supplement your environmental test chamber capacity but don’t want to buy new, then why not consider purchasing a second-hand chamber from Weiss Technik? All our used chambers are in excellent condition and come with a standard 6 months warranty to provide the high standards you need. Plus, if you specify a service contract, we’ll increase the warranty to 12 months.

Green Mode*

Our remarkable Green Mode feature reduces your power consumption considerably by utilizing high efficiency motors and refrigeration systems. It also automatically switches off heaters and compressors when not required, saving energy.

*Available on ClimeEvent and TempEvent -70°C

Economical refrigeration design

Our chambers produce much more power from our compressors than our competitors, due to the innovative refrigerant circuit design and cutting edge software control. Our “heat on, cooling off” (and vice versa) optimizes performance. Competitive systems leave cooling on, then add heat which wastes power and causes icing up.

Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerant Gases

We are the first manufacturer of test chambers to offer an environmentally friendly and future-proof refrigerant alternative for high-performance tests at very low temperatures to -70°C, without having to compromise on reliability, safety and performance.

Superior Homogeneity*

Our environmental test chambers offer best in class performance. Studies have shown only tiny temperature and humidity differences throughout the test spaces.

*On humidity / climate chambers

Customisable with many options

Standard designs can be customized with a vast range of options to meet bespoke customer test profiles. These include BMW, PV, MIL, STD 810. We also include standard UECAR safety packages energy storage device testing.

Webseason and SIMPATI software

Our WebSeason user interface sets the standard for remote access and control, ovens and rooms; even a CFR 21 compliant Pharma version. Up to 99 devices can be connected.

Industry leading service

No matter where your business or operations are located, a Weiss Technik UK factory-trained engineer is close by to respond when you need it. Weiss Technik UK engineers are fully qualified to work on control systems, electrical systems and refrigeration systems. For further information on our Service Packages, Genuine Parts and Maintenance support please contact us.