Over 50 years of experience in providing tailor-made growth chambers

Weiss Technik (UK) Ltd, under the fitotron® range, is the UK’s leading designer and supplier of a range of climate chambers: reach-in plant growth chamberswalk-in plant growth rooms and growth chambers and customised controlled environment rooms. These are used for plant research, insect incubation, cannabis production, plant tissue culture and many more plant-derived pharmaceutical applications.

The economic success of plant cultivation depends on many factors. In this regard, ventilation plays a highly important role in plant growth and the production of herbal medicines. With Smart Air Flow, Weiss Technik presents an intelligent design that optimally supplies the plants with air. As a result of using our innovative ventilation, you can increase growth and be assured of consistent quality, high yields and economical use of space.

As a longstanding manufacturer of plant growth chambers, we understand the requirements of plant growth research and insect research and we aim to support your facilities with high quality technical service for controlled environment rooms. We also offer turnkey solutions anywhere in the world that meet the highest performance requirements. We have built up a highly experienced UK field service organisation, with 18 fully-trained engineers available to support your needs 24/7 so you can get on with your research!