Over 50 years of experience in providing tailor-made growth chambers

Weiss Technik (UK) Ltd, under the fitotron® range, is the UK’s leading designer and supplier of a range of climate chambers: reach-in plant growth chamberswalk-in plant growth rooms and growth chambers and customised controlled environment rooms. These are used for plant research, insect incubation, cannabis production, plant tissue culture and many more plant-derived pharmaceutical applications.

The economic success of plant cultivation depends on many factors. In this regard, ventilation plays a highly important role in plant growth and the production of herbal medicines. With Smart Air Flow, Weiss Technik presents an intelligent design that optimally supplies the plants with air. As a result of using our innovative ventilation, you can increase growth and be assured of consistent quality, high yields and economical use of space.

As a longstanding manufacturer of plant growth chambers, we understand the requirements of plant growth research and insect research and we aim to support your facilities with high quality technical service for controlled environment rooms. We also offer turnkey solutions anywhere in the world that meet the highest performance requirements. We have built up a highly experienced UK field service organisation, with 18 fully-trained engineers available to support your needs 24/7 so you can get on with your research!


Why a plant growth chamber from Weiss Technik?

  • fitotron® continues to set the benchmark for plant growth & scientific research
  • Plug and play lighting options eliminate variable results
  • Warranty & service back-up that really sets the standards
  • Numerous additional options such as customizable LED lights for plant growth

How to optimise the growth of your plants with airflow routing fitosafe?

Differences in speed of plant growth and differences in height of contemporary plants cannot be solved by light - but by airflow routing fitosafe by weisstechnik. Discover how it work!


Commitment to Quality

At Weiss Technik (UK) Ltd we are fully focused on world class service and comply with all UK regulations. We are members of the Controlled Environment Users Group CEUG, ISO9001, ISO14001 and are working towards UKAS17025 expected in 2021.

User Cases in the field of plant growth chambers

fitotron® growth chamber in crop science

Leaf Expression Systems specialized in Plant-based expression and the production of proteins, vaccines and complex natural products for research and commercial applications. Now equipped with Weiss Technik UK plant growth chambers.

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fitotron® growth chamber in fundamental science

Learn more about how our fitotron® chambers and rooms are used in plant-based pharma production systems marking a great milestone in fundamental sciences.

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The presence of phtyo-toxins in the plant growth chamber can be disastrous to the surrounding area. Hence, the chamber must be free of all phytotoxins and it should be taken care during laboratory refurbishments. The chamber should be adequately ventilated to dissipate any toxins.

Accuracy and repeatability

The operating conditions for the chamber must be accurate and repeatable from one usage cycle to another. This will enable results from experiments or trials to be published with additional confidence.

Homogeneity Standards

The homogeneity of conditions (temperature, humidity & light) over the usable space in the chamber must be as close as possible to ensure accuracy and must also take in to account the presence of plant material in the chamber!

Balanced Airflow

The airflow over the plants must be as even as possible and avoid “dead areas” as well as areas with excessive velocity which could cause stress to the plants.

Service and Calibration

In order to keep the chamber in good order, a competence partner for service and especially calibration must be available.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental

The plant growth chamber must be as energy efficient as possible as well as complying with relevant environmental standards.

User friendly interface

You don’t want to spend time learning a complex operating interface. Required is a simple and intuitive interface and yet have the capability to run complex programming strategies.

Flexible and upgradable

As the lighting technology, especially with LED lighting advances, you need to have the option to upgrade the chamber in the future to the latest technology.

Questions to answer looking for a suitable plant growth application.


1. Size
Which quantity of plants should be grown (growing area)?
Which type of plants is planned to be grown and how high does it grow (growing height)?

2. Climatic Performance
What Temperature Range is needed? (from -5°C to +45°C)
What Humidity Range is prescribed? (from 30% RH to 85% RH)

3. Lighting Specification
Quantity of Light 
What lighting intensity is necessary for the particular plants to grow? 
Which distance from the light source that this is measured at is required?
Quality of Light 
Which narrower spectrum “Photosynthetically Active Radiation” (PAR) is needed?

Plant & Insect Growth Chamber Service

Our Growth Chambers have been developed to meet or exceed the needs of our customers from the initial consultation through to the after-sales service. As a valued customer of Weiss Technik, you will benefit from the services of our professional and globally operating Service Team.

By regularly maintaining your systems, you guarantee their safe and economical operation and extend the service life of your devices. When performing maintenance work, our highly qualified Service Technicians and Engineers naturally work in accordance with your individual expectations and needs. In addition to maintenance and repairs, our Service Department also provides training sessions on all topics concerning your fitotron® growth chambers.

We have been the partner of many different UK laboratories and research facilities for many years. With our own software solutions, we, as a system provider, ensure optimal connectivity and longevity for the growth chambers. We provide 3 years of warranty for standard Reach-In Plant Growth Chambers, where a service maintenance contract is taken out at very competitive rates. Our range of insect and plant growth chamber prices sets the standard for the industry and we are confident that we will not be beaten on price for a similar unit and specification.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you with developing an optimum growth chamber or room, please call 01509 631595 or get in touch with karina.engel@weiss-technik.com

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