A step towards a green and Weiss future with Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy manufactures electrochemical devices using the printed circuit board (PCB) industry.

At the heart of Bramble Energy is the term “Net Zero” which refers to achieving an overall balance between greenhouse gas emissions produced and greenhouse gas emissions taken out of the atmosphere, a target which the UK has set for 2050.

Over the next few months, Bramble Energy will be demonstrating its higher power-density liquid-cooled fuel cells for larger installations, including diesel displacement and motive power. In 2021 the company will also launch a range of portable power fuel cell products in collaboration with BOC (a member of the Linde Group) with output powers ranging between 20W and 1kW. These can be used in many sectors, including surveillance, electrification, lighting and construction.

In order to achieve this, Bramble Energy has taken delivery of a Weiss Technik ClimeEvent C/340/40/3 - Climatic Test Chamber, specially designed to include Hydrogen gas monitoring in the test space atmosphere, and Nitrogen gas inertisation. To ensure the highest levels of safety, additional features such as an Electrical Door lock system and an optical and acoustic alarm were also included.

Bramble energy will use the chamber and its functional test programme to test fuel cell prototypes. The environmental test chamber will provide Bramble Energy with the ability to put their PCBFC™ portable power products through their paces, exposing them to a full matrix of extreme temperature and humidity tests that represents the most extreme working environment for the fuel cell.

Dr Vidal Bharath, COO at Bramble Energy sees the installation as a vital step in Bramble Energy’s journey. Dr Bharath states “Characterising the performance of our PCBFC™ portable fuel cell units is critically important to both the regime of use and the ongoing development of the fuel cell technology. At the extremes, the fuel cell must perform at both low and high temperatures and at a range of relative humidity.

“Weiss Technik’s sales and design team have been instrumental in providing us with a hydrogen-safe environmental chamber that’s able to rapidly scale between temperature and humidity profiles. This provides the perfect testing companion to further our product development and accelerate its progress towards the best hydrogen fuel cell product available.”

At Weiss Technik, we are proud to help create a safer future and are delighted to support Bramble Energy every step of the way. Weiss Technik would like to thank Bramble Energy for working with us on this initiative. For more information on Bramble Energy powering Net Zero, please visit https://www.brambleenergy.com/