Litigation between Weiss Technik Group and SJJ System Services Ltd

Between 2015 and 2018, the Weiss Technik Group was subject to sabotage from within. Rogue employees stole confidential information to set up a rival servicing business in SJJ System Services Ltd, and continued to siphon confidential and technical information to that company over the course of three years. On 8 November 2022, the High Court gave a judgment in Weiss Technik's favour for misuse of confidential information, copyright infringement and database infringement against SJJ and four former Weiss Technik employees, including former Weiss Technik UK Service Manager, Mr Jones, and the individuals who had been covertly providing his company with confidential information and access to Weiss Technik’s proprietary and password-protected software. The judge found that "SJJ’s business was from the outset based on diverting customers from Weiss Technik UK using Weiss Technik's customer information".

For all customers who have used or are using the services of SJJ System Services Ltd for Weiss Technik, Design Environmental, Fitotron and Vötsch equipment, we would be delighted to talk with you over your future needs and seek to establish a good working relationship with you if you were to return to using our services.    

For more information see the judgment online here.

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