New Battery Testing Technology Website...

New Battery Testing Technology Website & E-Mobility Summit

Take A Closer Look At Our Battery Testing Chambers On Our New Website

Take A Closer Look At Our Battery Testing Chambers On Our New Website

Weiss Technik has launched a brand new battery testing technology website to demonstrate our battery testing rigs and how they work. We host the world’s largest battery testing centre where a whole range of batteries and energy storage devices undergo a wide variety of environmental simulations.

Visit the website to find out more about water ingress testing for batteries, from Surge Water Test Chambers to Splash Water Testing on batteries.  We also have a range of environmental test chambers that can run a series of vibration tests, temperature tests and corrosion testsBattery safety is key and the environmental chambers on offer by Weiss Technik will ensure you reproduce destruction testing environments for batteries accurately, time and time again. 

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Join The E-Mobility Summit In June

Schunk Group are hosting a virtual e-mobility summit to the challenges of the electromobility industry.  Delegates will explore efficient battery charging technologies, issues around delivering reliable power transmission and examine battery production safety, among other battery production topics.

Join the theme week and meet experts in the e-mobility sector in this online event from June 7-11.

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Environmental Test Chambers For The Automotive & Aerospace Industries


Find out more about Weiss Technik’s range of automotive test chambers that can cater for all aspects of testing vehicles and component parts through the production lifecycle and through to the finished products. Whether you are looking for a test rig to test airbags or headlights, or are looking for a HALT/HASS test system, we have a test chamber to suit your purpose and can bespoke a series of systems for multiple test scenarios if required.

Our aerospace simulation systems can test components used in the aerospace industry for the effects of the sun and UV, for altitude and temperature among many other environmental conditions your products and component parts will need to endure post-production.

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