Weiss Technik UK Lifelong Learning: Noemie Learns About SEO to Support Sales

Noemie Kervadec signed up for the Digital Marketing Institute’s (DMI) SEO course when she learned of our Lifelong Learning initiative.

At Weiss Technik UK, we understand that investing in our employees' growth is not only beneficial for them personally, but that it’s also vital for the success of our organisation. That's why we have proudly implemented a unique program where we offer to cover the cost of any course of choice for our employees, empowering them to expand their skill sets and pursue their professional aspirations. Whether employees want to pursue a personal interest or passion or further develop their professional skills, they can now take the time out of their working day to go off-site and do so.

Noemie Kervadec, Business Development Administrator at Weiss Technik UK, jumped at the opportunity to sign up for the Digital Marketing Institute’s (DMI) SEO course when she learned of our Lifelong Learning initiative. The course hosted by the DMI covers the fundamentals of SEO and how website performance can be improved through such things as website content, mobile optimisation and usability. Members on the course can also learn from some of the world’s leading SEO experts, including Neil Patel.

Although SEO is outside of her remit as a member of the sales team, Noemie felt it would be valuable for her to learn a bit more about this skill as the company’s marketing and sales teams have been working much more closely together.

Having heard SEO mentioned in many team meetings, Noemie has had a keen interest to learn more about the subject for a while. In signing up for the course, her hope is that by having a deeper understanding of SEO and its machinations, she can support our small marketing team, which, in turn, will help her to further support our sales function through knowing how SEO works and what’s needed of our website content to bring in the right people, who will hopefully convert into sales.

 “I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to do training from the company, as this was a push to do something that I may have not done otherwise.”

At Weiss Technik UK, we firmly believe that an investment in our employees is an investment in our future. Through our commitment to supporting and nurturing their growth, we foster a culture of continuous learning and ensure that our team remains at the forefront of their respective disciplines. By embracing this progressive approach to employee development, Weiss Technik continues to pave the way for excellence in the industry and remains a preferred destination for top talent seeking a company that truly values their potential.