Weiss Technik UK’s Pledge to Support the Homeless with Falcon Support Services

We’ve pledged to support the homeless and those in need of Falcon Support Services’ vital support and services

Weiss Technik UK is pleased to announce a new initiative that reflects our commitment to giving back to the community. Starting this year, we have pledged to support a different charity annually, and they will be chosen based on what’s close to the hearts of our team members. This year, we’re thrilled to introduce our partnership with Falcon Support Services, a Loughborough-based charity dedicated to helping homeless and vulnerable people transform their lives and enable them to live independently, healthily and positively contribute to their community.

Weiss Technik UK has always been a company with a strong sense of responsibility towards society. Whilst our primary focus has been on providing cutting-edge environmental test chambers and solutions, we believe that our success should be used to make a positive impact in society and shared with those in need.

After careful consideration, we selected Falcon Support Services as our charity partner for 2023. Falcon is a remarkable charity that takes a “whatever it takes” approach to helping vulnerable people get off the streets and take back control of their lives. The charity offers hot meals every day, and are on hand to provide essential advice about benefits and budgeting, helping those in need to find independence and move away from homelessness permanently. They also have 30 beds and washing facilities for people who might find themselves homeless for whatever reason, and also offer a range of housing solutions so the vulnerable people they’re helping can integrate into the local community again.

We invite our clients, partners and friends to join us on this journey of making a difference. Together, we can help Falcon Support Services to continue their outstanding work in preventing rough sleeping and providing essential support to vulnerable people. Whether it’s through donations, volunteering or spreading awareness, every contribution counts.

At Weiss Technik UK, we are excited about this new chapter in our commitment to corporate social responsibility. By supporting Falcon and other worthy causes in the future, we hope to inspire positive change.

If you’d like to donate to Falcon Support Services, click here.


If you would like to talk to us about this news, then please call us on 01509 631 595 or email us on enquiries.gb@weiss-technik.com.