Welcoming Our Charity Partner for 2024: Forget-me-not Chorus

Supporting people living with dementia and those around them through the joy of song

Last year we announced that Weiss Technik UK would be supporting a different charity annually to support various communities across the UK as much as we can. Each charity is chosen based on what’s close to the hearts of our team members, and last year we pledged to support Falcon Support Services, a Loughborough-based charity who do an amazing job at helping homeless and vulnerable people to transform their lives.

We’re pleased to announce our new charity partner for 2024 is Forget-me-not Chorus, a charity who supports those living with and alongside dementia  through the joy of singing.

Forget-me-not Chorus runs sessions in community, care home, hospital and online settings , all of which are led by a team of talented highly trained musicians. The charity recognises that dementia can be a lonely place for those living with it and those supporting them, and so supports people of all ages and with all forms of dementia, as well as inviting their families, friends and professional staff to join the singing sessions that are held every week. Music is a great way to bring people together and lift their spirits, and Weiss Technik UK is proud to be supporting a charity that seeks to spread joy in any which way they can.

We invite our clients, partners and friends to join us in supporting this wonderful dementia charity and support them in continuing their outstanding work in supporting people with all forms of dementia. Whether it’s through donations, volunteering or spreading awareness, every contribution counts.

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing charity or you’re interested in finding out how they can support your local community, click here.

And if you’d like to donate, you can do so here


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