• Industrial Air Dehumidifiers

Industrial Air Dehumidifiers

Be it in the automotive, food or pharmaceutical industries, air dehumidifying systems on the basis of absorption rotors or desiccant drying wheels ensure perfect climatic ambient conditions. Weiss Technik Industrial Dehumidifiers can be individually planned and perfectly tailored to your process, the absorption/dehumidification process can be combined with conventional pre and post conditioning which also makes fully independent air-conditioning units possible.

All Weiss Technik air dehumidifiers are custom designed as compact individual systems. Single components and functional elements combined on a standard base frame allow the targeted definition of the process control in an independently working system.

Based upon your requirements, our dehumidification technology is independently controlled in the process control and monitoring by S!MPAC®, our digital measuring and control system. The process and sensor data is transferred via a data bus to higher evel controlling units or control centres.