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Conditioning systems as an add-on for electric test rigs

Special test systems are required to test the durability of electric motors and generators under different environmental conditions. The brands weisstechnik and vötschtechnik provide specially developed conditioning systems for use in the areas automotive, e-mobility, electric motors, electric drive systems and power tool testing systems.

Established standard tailored to individual requirements

These systems are based on our standardised test cabinets in the Event range. The test rig and conditioning system must be perfectly adapted to each other. The most important task is to ensure a reliable connection between the drive and electric motor. This connection must be flush and mechanically precise, but still flexible enough to allow for different test units. Forces, torque and oscillation must be taken into consideration, e.g. shaft feedthroughs, feedthroughs, seals and load dissipation systems. Purge air facilities and explosion protection requirements (ATEX) must also be taken into consideration, depending on requirements.


  • Reproducible test conditions
  • Established technology through the use of standard products
  • Individual designs and adjustments
  • Explosion-protected design possible