• HALT-HASS Testing Systems

HALT-HASS Testing Systems

At Weiss Technik we understand that Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) systems are crucial to remaining competitive in order to bring your products to market in as short a time as possible. With the HALT/HASS systems from weisstechnik®, you put your samples under a maximum exposure to stress for quick results in the manufacturing lifecycle, allowing you to adapt and respond to test results, reducing lifecycle costs at the same time. In addition to vibration testing in three axis directions, a high temperature change rate is achieved using liquid nitrogen making it possible to test your products in extreme situations. During a HALT test, you will be able to comfortably stress test your product beyond its specifications to help you identify its weaknesses and identify where improvements and modifications need to be made.

If you are HASS testing your finished products, you will be able to test component parts and products during the manufacturing process, or as finished products prior to sale as part of a QA process to reduce the likelihood, for instance of receiving products that are DOA (dead on arrival). Weiss Technik’s HALT-HASS testing systems are suitable for temperature stress testing, vibration step testing to help you discover the vibrational operational limit of a product, or for destruction testing to allow you to establish the stress levels at which failure is likely to occur.