• Headlight Test Rig For The Automotive Industry

Headlight Test Rig For The Automotive Industry

Weiss Technik offer a range of test chambers for the automotive industry including specific test rigs for specialised applications such as this Headlight Test Rig Chamber. It is an environmental test chamber that combines climate test with wind, rain and solar simulation. Our headlight test rig combines a climate and temperature test to test spray and splash water as well as dust-tightness along with temperature and humidity conditions. During the test a wind blowing unit, a rain unit and a negative pressure unit can be activated. Furthermore, the system can be expanded with a sun simulation unit making it a complete package that examines all test requirements. Our Environmental Simulation Chambers and Systems are available under the brand names weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik®. Learn more about vötschtechnik®, a world renowned brand in environmental simultaoin and heating technology.

The test chamber is part of a wider range of automotive test chambers rigs that Weiss Technik offers. Find out more in our Automotive section of this website.