• vötschoven Industrial Ovens & Laboratory Ovens For Dry Heat Testing

vötschoven Industrial Ovens & Laboratory Ovens For Dry Heat Testing

With many old devices having been in use for decades and no longer meeting the current growing list of requirements, the Weiss Technik range of votschoven Industrial and Laboratory Ovens offer an up-to-date, tailor-made solution for your dry heat tests.

Our selection of heating and drying ovens are ideal for product development, quality testing, thermal ageing and testing of plastic samples as specified in industry standards – meeting the demand for reliable, fast and energy-efficient heat treatments in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and bio-pharmaceutical industries, as well as in university research laboratories.

Our industrial ovens and laboratory ovens feature a processing chamber volume between 60 and 200 litres and are designed especially for heavy-duty applications in industrial environments where robust constructions are required. They are also ideal for applications requiring high precision temperature control in the range between 50°C to 300°C, guaranteeing reproducible, reliable results. While offering the same interior space as older units, they are levels above them with both higher performance and a lower footprint.

Overview of customer benefits:

  • Temperature accuracy, spatial at ±1 % of actual value – fulfilling nearly all testing standards
  • Network connection via Ethernet Interface – process documentation and monitoring
  • Simple and easy replacements for old laboratory ovens with dimensions like your current Heraeus series 6000
  • Uncompromising quality – interior housings are made of stainless steel, type 1.4301 (ANSI 316), offering maximum corrosion protection

You can find out more about the votschoven range of industrial and laboratory ovens by downloading the brochure here.


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