• Drive In Rain Chamber / Leak Testing System For Vehicles

Drive In Rain Chamber / Leak Testing System For Vehicles

Weiss Technik’s large vehicle drive in rain chamber / leak testing system for vehicles with tilt table and simulated rain allows you to test vehicles in various humidity and weather conditions to test for leaks.

weisstechnik® rain chambers are used in the vehicle design development process, for quality assurance, and in end-of-line operations in the automotive industry. Climatic tunnels are extremely useful for testing a whole range of wet weather conditions from drizzle to heavy rain and even monsoon. The leak testing can be performed with vehicles at different tilt angles and with different types of rain and checks for leaks on complete vehicles under repeatable conditions.

Leak testing systems are often used in manufacturing as 100 % tests and are similar to classic car washes. After passing through it, the vehicle is checked for leaks with a visual inspection and with the help of sensors and other test equipment.

Weiss Technik has built three climatic tunnels, in which temperature and humidity are precisely controlled, with a total capacity within the tunnels of more than 1200m3. The example shown here is for leak testing of vehicles, see also our Drive In Climate Test Chamber With Dynamometer and the Drive In Chamber for Refrigerated Trucks.

The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests within the chamber for ease of use.

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Weiss Technik are a market leading environmental test chamber manufacturer.  The UK team are on hand to help you find a solution for your business from our wide range of climatic test chambers and environmental simulation systems. You can download our product range brochures from Multimedia Center. All Weiss Technik environmental test chambers have possibility to use our innovative WEBSeason® user interface that allows you to program, control and monitor your tests within the chamber for ease of use. Our unique S!MPATI® software is also available to install. Installation and operating manuals for both software programs can also be found in the Multimedia Center.

If you need more assistance in finding a solution for your business, get in contact with us via our Contact Form, or you can call on 01509 631595 or email the team on enquiries.gb@weiss-technik.com

We also offer OEM environmental test chamber servicing, calibration and maintenance from our UK-based service team.  Find out more about service and maintenance contracts. For immediate shipping on test chambers and cabinets, take a look at our in-stock environmental simulation chambers.