• Stability Test Chambers, Type Pharma

Stability Test Chambers, Type Pharma

Our range of Stability Test Chambers for the Pharmaceutical industry were specifically developed to meet the requirements of the test laboratory in pharmaceutics.  Our Pharma cabinets from weisstechnik® enables the testing of drugs and medicinal products to ICH Q1A(R2) guidelines.

The ICH Q1(R2) Guideline provides recommendations on stability testing protocols including temperature, humidity and trial duration for Climatic Zones I and II. ICH Q1A defines the stability data package for new drug substances or products that is sufficient for a registration application within the three regions of the EC, Japan, and the United States.

Our Test Chambers are robustly constructed and available in four sizes: Pharma 280, Pharma 600, Pharma 1300 and Pharma 2000.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • The work area of the cabinets easily complies with the requirements of ICH Q1A Guideline.
  • The stability test cabinets also allow tests to be conducted with other specifications in the power range of the systems.
  • The temperature and air humidity are controlled by high-precision sensors in conjunction with a specially designed controller.


With a range of sizes, the Weiss Technik Stability Chamber will fit into even very small laboratory settings enabling products to be tested in simulated defined climates over specified time periods. We also have Walk-In Stability Test Chambers in our range, where a larger unit is needed, or specific units designed for Photostability testing to ICH Q1B guidelines.

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