Stability testing container PharmaEvent

The mobile stability testing containers PharmaEvent are a simple and independent possibility of expanding storage capacities for stability tests at short notice. All that’s required on site is a location with suitable power supply. The containers fulfill all GMP requirements and ICH guideline Q1A for the stability testing of pharmaceutical active substances and drugs.

Stability tests on drugs

The test chamber of the climate containers can be temperature controlled from +20 to +45 °C within a humidity range of 20 to 80 % r.h. Within these ranges, the tolerances are only ± 0.5 to 1 K or ± 1 to 3 % r.h. Regulation and control of the PharmaEvent containers is carried out conveniently using the tried-and-trusted S!MPAC control system and the GMP-compliant WEBSeason® pharma control panel. The necessary switching and control devices are completely integrated in the switchgear cabinet.

Highlights at a glance

  • Mobile, fully-fledged solution for stability tests
  • GMP-compliant and in accordance with ICH guideline Q1A
  • Version with 18 or 47 m3 available
  • Plug&Play: location and power supply are all you need on site
  • High reliability, low tolerances
  • Humidifying water supply tank (demineralized water), 100 liters
  • Individual adaption options