• VHM Hephaistos Industrial Microwave Chamber For Aerospace Engineering
  • VHM Hephaistos Industrial Microwave Chamber For Aerospace Engineering
  • VHM Hephaistos Industrial Microwave Chamber For Aerospace Engineering

VHM Hephaistos Industrial Microwave Chamber For Aerospace Engineering

The Research Project

The VHM Hephaistos Industrial Microwave Chamber for component testing was developed in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It is the result of a joint development project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Alongside KIT, the Composite Research Center of EADS in Munich, the Institute for Aircraft Design (IFB) at the University of Stuttgart, GNK Aerospace in Munich and Vötsch Industrietechnik were involved in the project.

Microwave system

In the future on one wavelength! The VHM Hephaistos Industrial Microwave Chamber from Vötschtechnik is an internationally patented system. Fast and energy-efficient production processes are possible by using microwaves. The microwave chamber is characterised by its hexagonal geometry with a very high field homogeneity. This is a major advantage when thermoforming fibre composites (CFRPs) in the aerospace and automotive industries.

During the targeted volumetric heating of the products, the microwaves directly enter the material so that energy is delivered directly and the chamber does not require heating. This increases the heating rate and throughput, saving energy and time in addition.

Reduced production costs

This industrial microwave chamber guarantees you reduced costs due to shorter heating, process and cooling times required for curing CFRP components. Its material processing technology means the microwave can produce energy input into the component to be heated while the oven itself remains cold. In comparison to the process in autoclaves, the processing times are reduced by up to 50 %. Energy consumptions is reduced by up to 70%.

Your Advantages:

  • Possibility to use metal parts, such as conventional metal tools and feed systems, in the microwave field
  • High degree of product quality thanks to the maximum homogeneity of the microwave fields provided by the hexagonal chamber structure. By using microwave absorbing materials, additional positive effects can be achieved
  • Sizes from laboratory scale to large systems, e.g. as are required in the aerospace industry, can be achieved
  • The modular design allows a flexible adjustment to your product
  • Volumetric and selective heating for energy-efficient processes
  • Precise heating of the products
  • Hybrid systems, e.g. in combination with hot air

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