Vindur® CoolCube

Vindur® CoolCube is a high-performance, chilled-water-based air-conditioning system for hyperscale and high-density data centers. Thanks to large-area heat exchangers and air routing optimized by means of CFD analyses, they ensure efficient cooling with low energy consumption. Since no raised floor is required, you can additionally increase the capacity of your data centre with larger racks.

The air handling units work with horizontal air flow and combine heat exchanger and fans in one housing. The compact Vindur CoolCubes are placed directly on the wall of the server room and only require a wall opening for the supply air. The chilled water (CW) units are perfect for connection to a chiller or a central cooling system.


Our highlights:

  • Very high cooling capacity for hyperscale data centers
  • Easy integration, without raised floor
  • Energy-efficient, economical cooling
  • Freely configurable design
  • Optimal accessibility, easy maintenance