• Vindur® CoolMaster DX iFC Precision Air Conditioning Unit For Data Centre Cooling

Vindur® CoolMaster DX iFC Precision Air Conditioning Unit For Data Centre Cooling

IT technology is playing an outstanding role in today’s increasingly digital world. The challenges that come with it are such things as energy efficiency and space usage. However, guaranteeing adaptive air-conditioning is also indispensable for the functioning of data centres. With optimal planning, based on a scalable platform, you can save high investment costs right from the start.

Weiss Technik presents Vindur® CoolMaster DX iFC – our new precision air-conditioning unit for data centre cooling that is extremely energy efficient thanks to indirect free cooling. The server room air-conditioning unit functions with indirect free cooling operation up to the maximum ambient temperature, corresponding with one of the operating parameters. Depending on the requirements, they are suitable for installation in new server rooms, as an easy-to-install replacement for present air conditioning systems or to expand existing cooling systems.

The mechanical cooling (DX) is automatically switched on and takes on the full cooling function when ambient temperatures rise or exhaust heat increases within the data centre. Safe and economic operation of your system is guaranteed at all times thanks to the large-area evaporator, performance-controlled scroll compressor, plate condenser and electronic expansion valve.

The Vindur® CoolMaster DX iFC is your efficient all-in-one solution for various requirements, such as the installation in a basement or in rooms with no exterior wall. It consists of a compact unit set up in the server room with integrated cooling device and an external dry cooler with closed cold water circuit. The controls are implemented via the fully linkable intelli.4®.

 Your advantages at a glance:

  • 50% less energy consumption per annum than split devices
  • G4 filter prevents performance loss due to contamination, reducing cleaning and maintenance expenditures
  • Flexibly scalable, can be expanded at any time
  • Safe operation thanks to high-performance components
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Also suitable for rooms without an external wall
  • intelli.4® control system for intuitive operation