• Vindur® CoolW@ll Cool Wall System For Data Centres

Vindur® CoolW@ll Cool Wall System For Data Centres

CoolW@ll® is a pioneering innovation in the area of IT air-conditioning. The main idea here is both simple and ingenious: thanks to the use of heat-exchanger modules with large surface areas and water flowing through them, the dividing wall between the supply infrastructure and the IT room is used for air-conditioning. This helps to save space in data centres and also makes recirculating coolers unnecessary.

The advantages of CoolW@ll® at a glance:

  • The most efficient air-conditioning system in its class:
  • Reduce Your energy costs by up to 50 %
  • Reduce Your operating costs by up to 70 %
  • Highest useful cooling capacity combined with low space requirements
  • Scalable and flexible in service: Can be used as a cold or hot aisle solution, with or without a raised floor