• WIBO® Isolator System For The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • WIBO® Isolator System For The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • WIBO® Isolator System For The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • WIBO® Isolator System For The Pharmaceutical Industry

WIBO® Isolator System For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Weiss Technik’s WIBO® Barrier Isolator has been developed for situations where a controlled environment is necessary in order to protect a product or process from risk of contamination where a sterile / aseptic environment is required. Depending on the area of use, aseptic isolators are operated with negative pressure to protect operators and the surroundings, or they are operated with overpressure to exclusively protect products.

The double air locks for docking are available in four different sizes and are fully compatible with models from other manufacturers. Specially developed docking systems and glove access rings are included in the scope of delivery for the containment isolator. HEPA filters for inflow air and exhaust air can be exchanged without contamination. The casings are also made of high quality steel.  

Optimal protection of operators and surrounding areas thanks to:

  • Protection of operators, surroundings and products
  • Compatible with established brands
  • Comprehensive provision of service

We offer you the required isolator as an expansion to your system. Even if you do not own a WIBO® system, this is not a problem. The WIBO® isolator is compatible with other brands. Typical areas of application are, e.g., microbiological laboratories, parenteral production systems, solid matter production systems or active substance production.

We are happy to assist you in the planning and design of the whole handling process up to the completed system.


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