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This means that we work out the ideal solution for every problem, be it for new buildings, conversions or modernisation. We consider the entire room: floor, walls and ceiling - the full 360°.

We take care of all important details for you. We provide support for the entire project, from the planning phase to daily use: With advice, planning and implementation. With products and components. With services and assistance.

Make use of the many years of experience of Weiss Technik in plant construction. We have the right product solutions for you in our Portfolio.

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Air-conditioning Technology
Environmental simulation
Heat Technology


Pharmaceutical production.

Following the principle of GMP.


ESA air conditioning systems with redundant operation

The European Space Agency DSA3 Deep Space Antenna is an impressive 40 metres high.

Fraunhofer LBF - Battery testing station for laboratory testing

The weisstechnik high performance battery testing station, consisting of MAST and a...



Microwaves are also used for industrial heating and drying processes.


HAWE - μ precision

The automotive segment is one of the toughest markets with the highest quality standards.


Radiall components for satellites

Satellite components must resist the pressure and temperature conditions in space for...

Test chamber for combined tests with 4-poster system

4-poster systems – also known as 4-post systems – comprise four actuators which simulate...

Test Rigs for Engine Cooling Systems

weisstechnik® test rigs for Engine Cooling Systems allow the high precision and fully...

Test Rigs for Vehicle Air Conditioning

In order to optimally reproduce the vehicle architecture, we offer integrated or modular...

Test system for airbag tests

Our temperature chamber for pre-regulating the temperature of airbag modules combines a...

Dynamometer Test Chamber

A dynamometer test bed with a temperature or climate chamber is used for entire vehicles...

Test chamber for combined tests with multi-axis shaker table (MAST)

A multi-axis shaker table – also known as a Hexapod – makes it possible to move...

Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED)

SHED test chambers are used to measure the hydrocarbon emissions of cars, motor bikes and...

Ad Blue - Top Innovation

As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry, Weiss Umwelttechnik is one of the...