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Test chamber for combined tests with multi-axis shaker table (MAST)

A multi-axis shaker table – also known as a Hexapod – makes it possible to move components by means of a hydraulically operated shaker table in all 3 spatial axes translationally and rotationally with large deflections. Such test procedures are necessary, for example, to guarantee the safe operation of battery packs in vehicles. Driving profiles under the influence of different temperature and climatic conditions are simulated for this purpose.

Our solutions for the connection and sealing of the shaker table guarantee complete vibration decoupling of the components to the test chamber. The fire protection and insulation features of the testing facilities enable safe operation even under tricky test conditions. The test chamber walls can be made flexible to compensate shaker table movements and allow full and easy access to test object.
In order to meet your individual testing requirements, there is always close cooperation between the respective supplier of the MAST system and weisstechnik.

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