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Weiss Technik is one of the most innovative and important developers and producers of systems for environmental simulation, heating and climate control technology. We have developed solutions specifically designed for aerospace technology that meet the most stringent requirements.

Our wide range of environmental test chambers to support space development facilities covering altitude test chambers and thermal vacuum chambers make it possible to simulate extreme flight programmes for testing highly stressed components, reproducible in carefully-controlled environments and conforming to international norms such as DO160 or MIL-STD-810.

When it comes to the development, quality assurance and production of proven and new technologies, with us, you’re playing it safe.



Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVC)

Space Simulator
Testing space flight equipment before the first flight into space is a prerequisite to be able to predict the behaviour of these valuable components and is done by simulating space conditions. Weiss Technik’s Thermal Vacuum Chambers accurately reproduce outer space conditions and thus allow testing in a completely controlled environment. Our high performance pump systems can achieve a vacuum of down to 10ˉ⁷ mbar.


  • Independent thermal zones
  • Secondary vacuum pumping system: turbomolecular or cryogenic pump
  • Cooling system: mechanical, liquid or gaseous nitrogen
  • Powerful supervision software (Spiral VS)


Specific features such as infra-red radiation or aspatial temperature gradient can be simulated to meet our customer requirements.


Highest specifications*

Volume: from 100L to 50m3
Volume level: down to 10-7 mbar
Temperature range: -185°C to +165°C
Temperature change rate: up to 5°C /min
Temperature homogeneity: up to ±1°C
Temperature stability: up to ± 0,5°C

Additional features:

+ ISO compability
+ ECSS compliance

* Maximal performance achieved. Feasibility to be studied for each project, feel free to ask - +44 1509 631595


Weiss Technik Climate Control Technology

Conditions such as cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure and their permitted fluctuation tolerances are vital for development, production and testing processes. With a wide product portfolio, Weiss Technik Climate Control technology offers systems for every application, from complete clean rooms, measurement spaces, process climate systems and individual work benches to special climate control systems for data centres.

At Weiss Technik, customised solutions are our strength.

Controlled process environment

Clean rooms

With product range ultraclean®, we offer integrated systems for all clean-room classes and application areas. Our sphere of competence reaches from simple housing of machines over laminar flow-systems up to complex clean-room facilities. Our system solutions ensure compliance with national and international clean-room standards, e.g. VDI 2081 or DIN EN ISO 14644.

Clean Rooms

Measuring rooms

Weiss Climate Control Technology plans and realises customised measurement units pursuant to the requirements of VDI/VDE 2627. These reduce the rate of measurement error by suppressing temperature impact, for instance by preventing drafts or direct light, by encasing the measurement device and by installing thermal insulation in the measurement unit.

HAWE - μ precision

Your border crossers

Test to the limit

Your stress makers

Details are essential

Temperature-Shock Testing Cabinet

During flight, aircraft equipment often passes through several temperature zones in a brief period of time. Rapid temperature changes can impact the function and safety of individual components. weisstechnik Testing Cabinets allow for temperature changes of up to 30 K/min.

Vibration Testing Cabinet

Airplane engines, rotor blades and space craft experience intense vibrations during take-off and landing. At the same time, these components experience rapid temperature changes in different types of climate. The weisstechnik series WT3-V and WK3-V permit the simulation of such dynamic processes in order to plumb the stress limits and thus allow for safe flight operation.

Stress Screening System

During the ESS test, the products are subjected to precisely-prescribed stress in order to recognise defects in components and circuit boards timely in the production plant. Unreliable systems are scrapped before reaching the customer. High product reliability is very often the only difference between different manufacturers.

Your bugs

Put your products through hell

ESA places its trust in our climate and cooling technology

For about 30 years we have been developing, building, maintaining, repairing and caring for the climate control and cooling systems of the ESA ground stations worldwide. The Deep Space Antenna DSA3 of the European Space Agency (ESA) reaches an imposing 40 metres into the air. This system, at the foot of the Andes in the Argentinian Malargüe, plays an especially important role. It completes the network of ESA ground stations in place for researching space and its missions. In order to protect the sensitive electronics of the ground station from dangerous climate fluctuations, ESA places its trust in climate and cooling technology with 100% redundancy by Weiss Technik.

“When we buy products from Weiss Technik, we simply know that they work reliably,” explains Filippo Concaro, manager of the European Space Operation Center (ESOC) of ESA. “The quality simply speaks for itself and has done so for decades.”

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