Weiss Technik Supplies New Environmental Test Chambers For Oxley Group

Modernising and increasing test capacity

Weiss Technik have recently supplied three high performance environmental test chambers to replace older test chambers and increase test capacity at Oxley Group. Oxley Group are specialists in LED lighting, night vision lighting, EMI filters, electronic component supplies and data capture products for mainly aerospace and military applications.

Oxley were having reliability issues with their older chambers which was causing difficulty in completing tests on time. Weiss Technik struck an agreement with the Group to loan a C 1000 – 70 climate test chamber whilst the new Clime Event Chamber was being manufactured to the required specs to help bridge the gap and allow Oxley to get back to efficient production levels.

Mr Glyn Shepard BSc(Hons) Cert Ed MIET Qualification Test Laboratory Manager stated, “Our choice of chamber supplier was limited by capability and range of products. Weiss Technik could offer a solution to all of our chamber requirements and their equipment came out on top due to its impressive performance, known quality, reliability and the all new features in operation and control. The new equipment is backed up by comprehensive service level agreements that include calibration undertaken by Weiss‘s own factory-trained service engineers. This provides us with total peace of mind.”

Weiss Technik UK have supplied and installed three new chambers with another purchased within the last week to modernise the current test capability and increase reliability and throughput.  With the implementation of each test chamber we are enabling ensuring that Oxley’s high quality, market leading products remain as such by enabling them to meet the rigorous testing procedures required by the group.

The first chamber of the three is the ClimeEvent C/800/70/25 climate test chamber that features a remote, external air cooled condenser to ensure safe testing. This fully clmatic test chamber has a fast rate of temperature change and will meet and exceed many rigorous military and aerospace test standards with a considerable test load. For more information regarding these chamber types, please click here

After experiencing issues with an older test unit that had been causing problems in the lab, Weiss Technik loaned the C1000 - 70 from our hire fleet. Oxley were that impressed with the system’s WebSeason Control interface and the performance it delivered, so they decided to purchase this chamber as a replacement for their old system.

The third chamber supplied to Oxley is the ShockEvent T/120/V2.  This is a Thermal Shock chamber that was not initially on the chamber requirements tender, after Oxley identified the need to speed up final testing of certain product ranges. The installation area for the chamber was cramped, so to avoid heat build-up in the small test lab the chamber was also supplied with a remote air-cooled condenser mounted outside.

Much more recently, a new LabEvent T100/70/3 chamber has been ordered to replace an ageing Weiss unit that has given almost 20 years of reliable service. Further information on the LabEvent range can be found here


To find out more information about our work with Oxley Group, you can read our project case study here.

You can find out more about the ClimeEvent range of innovative environmental test chambers by downloading the brochure here.

Find out more about the ShockEvent range of test chambers by downloading the brochure here.


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