Weiss Technik UK Lifelong Learning: Emilie Learns How to Become a Strong Manager

Emilie signed up to the New Manager Fast-Track programme to develop the skills needed for her newly acquired role

As part of our lifelong learning initiative, a number of Weiss Technik UK’s employees have signed up to courses that are helping to benefit them in both life and work. In our previous blog, we spoke about Noemie Kervadec and how she’s learning about SEO as a member of the sales team, which is helping her to support the company’s marketing function now the two sides are working closely together.

Another of our employees, Emilie Roche-Miller, decided to take advantage of our lifelong learning initiative and signed up to the New Manager Fast-Track Programme hosted by Nine Dots Development. Emilie signed up to this course in the hopes that it would help her to develop the skills and knowledge she needs to become a strong manager, after earning her position as Internal Sales Manager at Weiss Technik UK last year. Emilie has already utilised some of the tips she’s learned from the course in her day to day role, helping her to become a strong, successful manager.

Explaining why she chose the programme, Emilie said “I believe we do not know everything and therefore it’s always beneficial to learn more about your role and how to be better, not just for yourself but also for your team. As strong professional relationships can lead to increased staff retention and happiness within the work place and, in turn, you should have better productivity.”

Emilie is just one of many examples of how Weiss Technik UK’s lifelong learning initiative is encouraging employees to focus on areas they can improve. Through investing in our teams in such a way, we hope to gradually build a stronger workforce that strives for excellence in our industry, as well as their professional and personal lives.