Weiss Technik Lifelong Learning: Kirsty Enrols in the Help to Grow: Management Course

Kirsty Wilkins, Marketing Manager at Weiss Technik UK, signed up for the government-backed Help to Grow: Management course

Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing the stories of Weiss Technik UK employees who have taken advantage of our lifelong learning initiative, which covers the cost of any course of their choice and allowing them to take the time out of their working day to do so. We’ve already shared Emilie and Noemie’s stories and how the initiative has helped their personal development, and most recently, our Marketing Manager, Kirsty Wilkins, took the opportunity to sign up for the Help to Grow: Management course so she could enhance her leadership skills.

Kirsty has been Marketing Manager at Weiss Technik for close to 2 years, and has been in management spanning over a decade, but felt the course would help her to revisit some of the techniques she learned earlier in her career and refresh her management skills. She also wanted to see if she could learn some more contemporary management techniques, as well as meet a group of likeminded individuals who are also looking to take the next step in their roles.

Help to Grow is a government-backed initiative designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. The program offers a range of resources and opportunities for business leaders to enhance their skills, grow their companies, and embrace sustainability. Kirsty recognised the immense value of Help to Grow and seized the opportunity to further develop her expertise and management skills.

The course, run by development consultants and business experts, took place over 3 months and included both online and face-to-face learning, peer support and 1:1 mentoring. Help to Grow supports its participants in identifying more efficient ways of working, targeting new markets or creating a plan to take their business and team to the next level.

Upon completing the course, Kirsty said “The Help to Grow: Management course was really detailed and equipped me with the right tools to help push Weiss Technik UK’s marketing to where it needs to be. It was great to also have my memory jogged over some of the topics that I learnt many moons ago, and be able to depict them in a different way now I’m older and slightly wiser.”

Kirsty's journey through the Help to Grow: Management course exemplifies the power of continuous learning. As the Marketing Manager at Weiss Technik UK, her commitment to honing her managerial skills has not only strengthened her professional expertise, but has also helped her to infuse the company's marketing strategies with a renewed perspective, helping her to drive the business forward.