DAkkS calibrations

Metrological traceability of climatic chambers, testing and measuring equipment

Regular calibrations of climatic chambers, testing and measuring equipment are an important prerequisite for constant quality. The accreditation confirmed our expertise for calibrations in the area of temperature and humidity. The DAkkS calibration certificates provide proof of the metrological traceability of the measurement results.

DAkkS laboratory in Lindenstruth

Calibrating climatic chambers on site

Weiss Technik GmbH (D-K-20681-01-00) is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. We perform on site calibrations of climatic chambers according to guideline DAkkS-DKD-R 5-7. All details of the measured variables, measuring ranges and measuring methods can be found in the accreditation certificate.

DAkkS laboratory in Balingen

Reliable calibration of measuring equipment

Weiss Technik GmbH (D-K-20681-02-00) is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for calibration in the fields of temperature and humidity. In our stationary calibration laboratory, we perform calibrations of various thermometers, measuring instruments and sensors for relative or absolute humidity as well as climatic chambers in accordance with the guidelines DKD-R 5-1, DKD-R 5-3, DKD-R 5-7 and DKD-R 5-8.

Large measuring range

DAkkS calibration of temperature and humidity measuring instruments

In our stationary calibration laboratory, temperature sensors and thermometers are calibrated in the range from -80 °C to +350 °C according to currently valid guidelines. With humidity measuring instruments, a relative humidity of 5 % to 98 % can be covered at temperatures between 5 °C and +140 °C and dew point temperatures between -30 °C and +95 °C.

Temperature calibration of various thermometers

In a fluid tank, climatic test chamber or metal block calibrator

Temperature calibrations from -80 °C to 200 °C with measurement uncertainties from 40 mK are carried out as comparative measurements in circulating fluid tanks. Non-submersible probes, such as combination probes for temperature and humidity, are calibrated in a climatic test chamber in the measuring medium air. DAkkS calibrations up to 350 °C are performed in a metal block calibrator, calibrations up to 650 °C are possible as factory calibrations in the metal block calibrator.

Calibration of various humidity sensors

Dew point mirror hygrometer, psychrometer, capacitive polymer sensors

Depending on the requirements we calibrate different humidity sensors. These include dew point mirror hygrometers of various manufacturers and designs with remote or integrated measuring head. Psychrometers are calibrated to the measured variables temperature and relative humidity. Capacitive polymer sensors are inserted into the large test space together with the connecting cable, which practically eliminates measurement errors caused by heat dissipation, especially at high temperatures.

Perfect equipment

Precision climatic test chamber for stable and homogeneous climate

Our precision climatic test chamber offers a stable and homogeneous climate. This enables reliable and reproducible comparative measurements with minimal measurement uncertainties.

High-precision humidity measurement

Dew point mirror hygrometer as the standard

Dew point mirror hygrometers are the most accurate instruments for measuring absolute humidity in the calibration laboratory. In combination with a millikelvin thermometer for precise measurement of air temperature, the system offers the ideal basis for accurate calculation of relative humidity. This is used as a reference for comparative measurements and enables minimal measurement uncertainties.