Weiss Technik is one of the most innovative and important developers and producers of systems for environmental simulation, heating, and climate control technology. We have worked closely with the Defence Industry in the UK and worldwide for many years, ensuring your test results are compliant with military and aerospace equipment testing standards. Our range of environmental test chambers help you test the influence of temperature and humidity on the properties, function and lifespan of your products and components.

As specialised engineers in the field of environmental simulation, heat technology, air-conditioning and clean rooms, as well as clean air and containment, we support our customers with a full turnkey service.

Environmental test chambers

As one of the pioneers in the area of testing technology and environmental simulation, we offer testing solutions specifically tailored for the Defence Industry that can simulate extreme altitudes, radical temperature fluctuations and intense pressure loads. They can be combined with our standard selection of weathering and corrosion tests, simulated under all climate conditions around the world.

It starts with planning and consultancy to ensure that our customers practical and economic needs are fully realised. Our expertise ensures that your test results are compliant with the appropriate standards.

When it comes to military and aerospace component testing, we can deliver up to 25°C/min* rate of temperature change. This ensures reliable, reproducible and certified results. Many of our chambers are capable of carrying out a variety of military test standards including MIL-E, MIL-STD 810G and H, IEC, ETSI EN and DEF STAN.

*With mechanical cooling, faster rates are available with LN2 cooling systems.


Military testing facilities for your every requirement

We have an extensive range of environmental and climatic test chambers available for just about every application. For specific requirements or to meet certain test standards there is a huge range of standard optional equipment available to precisely meet your needs.

We also provide a wide range of solutions for ammunition and materiel testing and can design and manufacture bespoke solutions.

Meet defence testing standards with precise engineering

We know what matters for your tests: reliable, precise and reproducible results. That’s why we design our environmental test chambers to meet stringent requirements; because incorrect results lead to incorrect conclusions. With your needs in mind, we already eliminate any interference factors during the design phase, relying on our comprehensive expertise and years of experience.

Low maintenance test chambers
Set up, plug in, start the test – it’s as simple as that. The intelligent, compatible control elements and intuitive user interface guarantee easy operation, and easily accessible maintenance elements ensure minimal service times. In addition to this, diagnostics and inspection systems in every machine shorten downtime and optimise maintenance periods.

World-class customer service and support

Weiss Technik has the largest team of specialist engineers based throughout the UK, providing their knowledge and understanding of our products to ensure you get the care and support you need, whenever you need it. We handle everything from commissioning, calibration and regular maintenance.

For further information, please contact our head office and you will be directed to the appropriate sales specialist. Call 01509 631595. Alternatively, email frazer.north@weiss-technik.com.