Standard and bespoke solutions for any industry within Science Parks

Weiss Technik are proud of our exceptional UK Ecosystem's of Science Parks bringing education academics and businesses together. We support Science Parks with their growth and innovation pushing their research and technologies.

Whether you are a Science Park that specialises in pharmaceuticals, biotech, life science, electronics, automotive, biology, or any situation that needs clean, controlled, classified, or validated environments. Weiss Technik UK can provide you with the complete package from consultancy, design, manufacturing, and installation service. Whatever the requirement, we are able to take your concept and develop it with you hand in hand to push the work you do and bring your research to the forefront.


Our expert knowledge is available from the outset when navigating the numerous legal regulations and guidelines, allowing you to meet and exceed the most stringent quality requirements for clean environment installations. We can combine any facility requirements with the most cost-effective solution for a given application.

Wide range of test solutions, configured for your industry



Weiss Technik do a range of reach-in plant growth chambers, walk-in plant growth rooms and chambers. We can also customise controlled environment rooms to your specification. These are used for plant research, insect incubation, cannabis production, plant tissue culture and plant-derived pharmaceutical applications. We understand the specifications of plant growth  and insect research in detail and provide unsurpassed technical support in the field of controlled environment rooms.



Our Pharmaceutical chambers are GMP-compatible and FDA-compliant. Testing the integrity of pharmaceuticals and packaging in a range of environmental test conditions is a precise science. That’s why all the major pharmaceutical manufacturers specify Weiss Technik environmental and climatic test solutions. From stability testing at the development stage; testing the durability of packaging under tensile stress and sterile filling of packaging. Plus, we can provide Clean Rooms to optimise germ-free production conditions and safety workbenches to protect personnel and products.


Clean Rooms

Whether you are in pharmaceuticals, biotech, life-science, research & development, science, biology, technology, laboratory, specialist zones, genetics or any situation that needs clean, controlled, classified or validated environments for your endeavours, Weiss Technik UK provides you with a complete consultancy, design, manufacturing and installation service.



We understand that inside every electronic device, there is a chip, battery, switch, sensor, processor, connector or any component that must function safely and reliably under all conditions. If you need to test the integrity and performance of any of these electronics components prior to market launch, then Weiss Technik can support you with our range of environmental simulation test chambers and testing systems.



When it comes to providing the ultimate environmental test simulation systems for the Automotive industry, Weiss Technik leads the way. If you are developing new automotive design concepts, we can help you simulate air flows, altitude, temperate fluctuations, vibrations and pressure, along with weathering and corrosion behaviour. Whether you are looking for a Headlight Test Rig or an Automotive Rain Chamber/Leak Testing system, or any other test system, using our heating technology and clean room technology, you can carry out highly accurate measurements to validate your components prior to final production.


Battery Testing 

With battery abuse testing, sophisticated test technology is required to test the safety, reliability and performance of electrical energy storage devices for vehicles and electronic component under all thermal, climatic and mechanical stresses. That is why we offer automobile manufacturers and suppliers a large selection of tried and tested standard test chambers. In addition, we plan and implement customised test chambers and rooms as a single-source supplier and support the planning of laboratories and the integration of central refrigeration units.

New Plant Growth Facilities at The University of Glasgow

Following a successful bid, meeting all the required energy efficiency specifications and environmental conditions for the facility, Weiss Technik was chosen to supply three new state-of-the-art reach-in environmental chambers. The SGC3 FITOTRON Plant Growth Chamber.

A step towards a green and Weiss future with Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy has taken delivery of a Weiss Technik ClimeEvent C/340/40/3 - Climatic Test Chamber, specially designed to include Hydrogen gas monitoring in the test space atmosphere, and Nitrogen gas inertisation. To ensure the highest levels of safety, additional features such as an Electrical Door lock system and an optical and acoustic alarm were also included.

Industry leading service

No matter where your business or operations are located, a Weiss Technik UK factory-trained engineer is close by to respond when you need it. Weiss Technik UK engineers are fully qualified to work on control systems, electrical systems and refrigeration systems. For further information on our Service Packages, Genuine Parts and Maintenance support please contact us.